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Hey TW,

Just wondering what the boards thought on this is. Bought a racquet from a TWer that was listed as 9/10 condition...used 3 times, no chips/scratches light bumper rash. I payed through paypal and had the racquet delivered to me USPS, finally got around to cutting out the strings and replacing the overgrip, racquet still felt heavy unstrung. I proceeded to check for lead tape under the bumer guard and none but upon opening the ButtCap the racquet has some sort of putty/silicone in it. I haven't tried to take it out nor do I want too. What should I do? I emailed the seller today after I made the discovery should I proactively file a paypal claim to protect myself? I would not have bought this racquet if I new it was filled in the handle.. TW help please!
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