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I would think the best setup would be gut mains and blackcode crosses. It is soft on the arm, tremendose spin, plenty of pop. You didn't mention his current tension, but if it is say... 50lbs with full poly (guessing a 100 sq racquet), try gut mains at 56, blackcode crosses at 52. Larger racket-- up tension 2lbs for every 5 sq. in (okay, its a guesstamate). Good gut such as vs will last a long time. Just cut out the crosses when they lose their snap ( cut the crosses after the racquet is secured in the stringer) and he might get 50 hours out of the mains, maybe more. Not too bad pricewise compared to what he was playing. 1/2 set vs for $20 plus 1 and 1/2 set of blackcode for $20. A little more than 3 sets of the lux.
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