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Originally Posted by julian View Post
A bit "orthogonal issue"?
>>just had to make sure. had to check dictionary. what do you mean?
If one switches what to do to with return of serve?
>>learn how to return in 1hbh. find a coach who can teach this skill.
I had multiple cases like that and an answer is NOT a piece of cake.
>>cuz you can't teach 1hbh return. not many coaches who can teach good 1hbh period.
Slicing a la Federer is NOT a great answer,IMO
>>fed will smack 1hbh return on anything less than top pros serves. but even with those slices he's won more matches than most pros ever did and ever will.
I do NOT advice to do a switch during a middle of a high school season,etc,etc
>>me neither. but one can learn and practice 1hbh while playing matches in 2hbh for some time.
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