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Thanks everyone for the new ideas, some of them I hadn't thought of, namely the Volkl range, mainly because where I play, nobody has any for me to try! But i will check them out, the C10 & the O10, thanks Brian & Tennis CJC. Thanks Princess I will look at the Dunlop too, hadnt considered the 300 as was leaning towards the 200.
Sorry McLovin but I wasn't being disrespectful to Yonex or their users, but i do like the suggestion of the Pacific. i didn't realise they are the old Fischers. I still have a Kafelnikov Pro One in the house which I use but i find it a bit light for day to day, thanks, will check on the Pacific!
T-Ennis 888 - I used to have a Vantage from Paul a few years back when I emailed him and asked him for the closest he could get to a PS 6.0 95, although he was very helpful and he sent a lovely racquet, it still didnt replicate the feel I was looking for. Maybe they're different now it's Angell, I shall consider. Thanks.
Kniessel Michael? Again, another option, again another racquet nobody I play with has one. A demo could be difficult!
Sunof Tennis, I used to have the PS Classics which I feel are similar to what you are suggesting, again, Perhaps they are different now so I will have a look. Easier to demo these . . .
Thanks everyone, anymore ideas, come 'em comin'!
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