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Originally Posted by Centryx View Post
Hey TW,

Just wondering what the boards thought on this is. Bought a racquet from a TWer that was listed as 9/10 condition...used 3 times, no chips/scratches light bumper rash. I payed through paypal and had the racquet delivered to me USPS, finally got around to cutting out the strings and replacing the overgrip, racquet still felt heavy unstrung. I proceeded to check for lead tape under the bumer guard and none but upon opening the ButtCap the racquet has some sort of putty/silicone in it. I haven't tried to take it out nor do I want too. What should I do? I emailed the seller today after I made the discovery should I proactively file a paypal claim to protect myself? I would not have bought this racquet if I new it was filled in the handle.. TW help please!
The racket probably has silicone in it (is it clear?) Commonly used to raise the weight of a racket. Good luck trying to remove silicone. It is similar to trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. Not worth the hassle.

The seller should have disclosed the modification. It is possible that he bought the racket second hand and was unaware of the modification.
Scammed is too strong a word. This is more of a misrepresentation. It could have been done unknowingly.

The seller should take the racket back for a full refund or give you a partial refund (your choice.) You will have to ship the racket back to him on your dime if you do a Paypal claim.

Do you have a postage scale on which you can weight the racket ? The unstrung weight should be about 11 ounces stock. If it has silicone in it, it will probably weight between 11.5 and 12 ounces unstrung. If it is only a matter of say half an ounce over stock weight, it might be worth keeping it. Heavier frames tend to play better IMHO.

If you decide not to keep it and the seller doesn't work with you, I think your smartest move is to file a PP claim for item not as described. PP will not understand silicone modification. You will have to claim he sent you the wrong racket entirely. PP will tell you to return the racket on your dime and they will issue a refund once tracking indicates the racket has been returned to the seller.

I assume this was the ad?

That seller had great refs, more as a buyer than a seller but apparently not a kid so there is hope he will handle it the right way if he agrees the buyer has a legitimate gripe. The OP also has great refs also so hopefully they can work it out without PP getting involved.

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