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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
this sunday might be tougher now -- i have 2 matches that day...maybe one day after work at ida lee during the week? i'll email you my free days...
Sounds good. Mondays are bad for me, but should be able to make any other day work. BTW, I usually get out of work @ 2ish, and I work in Reston.
Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
How did he get his nickname BNT?

is this the same guy that plays at Fairfax Racquet Club that use to play nationals for another country? If so, I have of heard of this person from 3 other sources other than here.

Does this person giggle at ppl while hitting and violates all human rights rules by drop/lobbing while watching ppl cry in mercy and pain to retrieve the ball?
The nickname came from a guy on our 4.5 team who's known Gary for years & years. Just something he threw out there & it stuck. Don't know about playing nationals, but he has some of the best drop shots & lobs around. Like I said, he can blast a forehand @ 100MPH, then hit a killer drop shot. This is why he gives me fits.
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