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Heartattack if you really want a 1pc job here is how I would do it. Using a full set of string I would use 7 racket lengths for the short side. Place your starting clamp at the point 7 racket lengths from the end and start your mains @ the throat on 1RM then loop over the top to 1LM. tension and clamp 3 mains on the left side. When pulling 1LM. Since you are pulling two mains there will be more stretch than usual. After you get the first three mains on the left tension 1RM and remove starting clamp. Tension and clamp first 6 mains on the right. Tension 7th main on the left then the right.

Up to this point you have had no skipped holes and you should have the center 14 mains strung. Your clamps are now at the bottom of the racket and out of the way. So you want to now run in the top few crosses so you do not have any problems with blocked holes. You should run in the top three crosses but do not tension any strings yet.

Using the short side (left) skip 8T and 8H and run in 8LM and the top cross (8H - 8H.) Leave a large loop of string on the left side so you can tension 8LM later. Using the long side run in 8RM, second cross (10H - 10H,) and third cross (12H - 12H.) Again leave a large loop of string at the top of 8RM to pull tension later.

Now you're ready to start tensioning again. Tension 8LM and clamp, then the top cross and hold the top cross with your starting clamp, and remove the floating clamp on the left side. Take the tip of the short side string and place it in 11H before you block that hole. Tension and clamp 8RM and crosses 2 - 18 and tie off. Tension and clamp the top cross to remove the staring clamp. Weave, tension and clamp the right outside main, bottom cross, left outside main and tie off.

Your only two blocked holes are 8T and you always have two strings required for flying clamps.
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