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Originally Posted by Davis Cup Fan View Post
Good to know.
On a side note: when you say you got your racquets matched did you change anything or just match the grams?
I matched them for static weight, balance, and swing weight. I also made sure that the distribution of lead was virtually identicle so that effects on flex and sweet spot were the same. It's amazing how lead placement can influence feel well beyond weight, SW, and balance. It can make a frame feel more or less precise and more or less comfortable based on placement and effect on sweet spot. Matching frames isn't just weight/balance/SW specs!

For example, placing lead at 3/9 PRECISELY expands the sweet spot and, while it increases tortional stability, that expanded sweet seems to cause problems with deflection angle making the frame less accurate. Moving the lead north of 3/9 provides tortional stability while keeping the string bed a little firmer in that area. For me that means 3/9 generally starts at the 9th cross down and goes up from there, sort of 3-2/9-10.

Surprisingly for Babolat products they started off very close together, more like Dunlop products, so it wasn't too hard. Also, since the stock and modded static weights were about an ounce different I had lots of room to work with. Having that wiggle room makes it easier to match numerical specs AND feel.

I should also note what a huge difference extra weight in the head makes with the PSGT. The demo version felt flat and sort of boardy with vibrations. I added lead tape At 3/9 and 12 (and under the grip). The head lead tape is 1/4" tape cut in half and placed as close as possible to the grommits. It makes the PSGT feel very soft and plush, even with poly crosses.

The final specs are close to the Tour version but I was able to customize the mass distribution to make the frames feel zippier than the Tour.
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