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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Pushing off with both legs is exactly what you optimally should be doing. (I'm just a bit worried with that knee though.)

With a deeper knee bend, and the with your tossing shoulder pointed straight up, it will seem that the ball is a lot further away than it used to be with your old motion as you look up at it.
Yes i agree...i do however toss the ball higher in this instance, else my timing is off. A higher ball toss seems to give me better timing and power...flow motion...but what i really dislike, is that disguise harder to do with it and some opponents read these serves better. I suppose it wont matter if the serve is good enough though.

And you will need to learn to land in different way - on that left leg.
Leg Kick on Tennis Serve
If your back (right) leg is kicking straight back, it means you are getting your weight moving into the court - if it is going to the side, you are not getting your weight moving first up and into the court.
I think i need to arguably land closer to the baseline, and not as deep. Except maybe when i want to serve and volley.

But ...
You mentioned that your knee is already bothering you.
What I don't understand about this knee, is that it comes and goes. To me that says something external is happening - like clutch or weather?

So if all this pushing off and jumping and landing is making you worse, you can still have an effective serve using your body, without a really big leg push off.
Im not sure that its making it worse per is however uncomfortable doing it.

When/if the knee is better, may be a better time to work on that big leg push off and left leg landing with the right leg kick back.
Yes...for now, i will need to use a much less demanding serve and do as you say. It worked the past it can only improve. When the knee is better, i can maybe use more legs, but who knows, by that time maybe it wont even be needed. The ball toss and shoulder thing really feels like a solution so far.
Thankfully i don't have much knee problems on the groundstrokes that i know of.

ps. That up the mountain serve "pitching concept" vid is quite good thanks. I learned something similar once from a coach, but totally forgot this concept and it is a good reminder.

The simpler version with the girl serving, makes a lot of sense...but seems like a drastic serve to would mean me moving from a platform serve, to a pinpoint serve.

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