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Ok try the Kevlar route as you already have these strings coming.

And if you dont like it, why not go for a combo with Poly and synthetic gut. That hybrid have longer play-ability and, for many like me, more touch and feel than full poly.

And as you are not a string breaker , also like me, this hybrid will probably have long lifetime as well.

(Btw, both me and one of my partners are at 4.5 level. He a promising junior breaks his stings be it full poly or hybrid, after about 4-5 hours. And i break them maybe after 30 hours. I have a bit cleaner strokes, he has many mishits and faster racket head speed.My age is 50 +.)

If you find a really durable Sg you might be able to play quite a long time with that hybrid, but probably not near 100 hours.
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