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Originally Posted by gavna View Post any lightweight shoe is going to be less durable.period. You have to weigh the options between lightweight performance vs durability.
I don't think one should generalize in all instances though...even though i "generally agree that heavier is more durable"
For example: Adidas barricade "team" shoes, will be much more durable if they had a little rubber on top of the toes. A Nike Vapor shoe, may be more durable in this area, than a so called durable Barricade 6 or 7.

Most of my critical wear and tear(holes) is at the tip of my shoe, as well as at the top of the toes.

If it were not for the lack of protection of adidas on their more recent shoes, i would have instantly got barricades again....

As for the OP: The barracade 6's would have been perfect for his problem area - solid rubber protection there....

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