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Default lendl's groundstrokes.

hi...i always liked Ivan Lendl when I was a kid....disliked becker funnily enough
and of course edberg's back-arch serve was famous...but to get to the point..I was watching some vids and I realised just how good lendl's technique must have been considering the racquet he's using>

what is the sq in total?
what is the frame made of (hard to tell)?
what strings is he using?
How tight did he like the strings?

Would really appreciate any answers to these questions.

There was a recently a thread about best backhands..the usual suspects came up..agassi/safin/kuerten/connors etc...didn't see lendl much.

what's more..lendl has this awesome looking running backhand where he often hits the ball up the line..I remember watching this as a kid.

PS: scary how mcuh lendl's strokes reming me of fed..or is it vice versa?
So does he have a weakness?
yeah..he can't cook - chang talking bout sampras
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