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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
Your challenge is that you are in a league that only plays a handful of matches and there may be a number of self-rated players you play with or against each year. I didn't check each and every one, but if you play only 4-5 matches and 2 or 3 are with/against self-rated players, you may only have a match or two that counts and that either isn't enough to move you or is too few to calculate a new dynamic rating so your previous year rating just carries over.
There were two self-rate in the 5.0 league this year and I played one doubles match with him, and played twice against the other in doubles, the other 2 doubles matches played with a player who just appealed down to 5.0.

Last year 1 new self-rate who played again this year.

Lack of players, playing league is a huge issue, so same team continually goes to sectionals, so sample is small.
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