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Trista, 2 weeks is excellent. I get close to that out of my 4g. There is movement before then but the string continues to play great for a while after. I think the movement comes due to it being a hybrid.

I am going to try Tour Bite mains one more time to try and beat the 4g. But for how I hit, the 4g is the string of the year for me.

The reason I believe it did not get the raves on this forum is because so many here look for extra spin and softness from a poly. That is not what 4g is about. It is definitely for a player who makes their own spin and likes to hit through the ball more.
It also does not trampoline like all the soft polys do.

But since you say that the PTS is stiff and crisp - that is very appealing to me so I may give that a run sometime.

I am weird though - I prefer a boardy feel. I think OGSM and Wilson Stamina are amazing crosses in a hybrid. So I may be more unique in my string preferences compared to others.
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