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Originally Posted by LafayetteHitter View Post
Very interesting, I like the specs you set up.
Thanks! Can't wait to try it out.

Originally Posted by hoosierbr View Post
I assume those are unstrung specs?

Interesting set-up. My own opinion is that it seems a little too headlight for something less than 340 grams. 5 or 6 pts tends to work better in that weight range since it puts more back into the head. A racquet 7 pts or more headlight with a lack of mass can lead to stability issues. More head heavy will also help on your serve if you can generate the same racket head speed.

Just my take. Good luck with it and let us know how it plays.

Yes all specs are unstrung. Figured the 11.4 frame will probably be 12 oz. strung and the 11.7, 12.2-4.

But that's the final decision I'm trying to make. On their website at 11.4 Oz. 7 Pts. headlight is the lowest you can go, at 11.7 Oz. 9 Pts. headlight is the lowest.

I'm thinking the lighter frame at 10 Pts. would be too flimsy if I'm playing bigger hitters so if I chose that I would go 7 Pts. HL.

The heavier frame I'd feel better at 10.

My two Volkl frames are both around 12+ Oz. and 8 & 10 Pts. HL respectively, but I haven't experienced stability issues with either.

May send Paul an email and see what he thinks.
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