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I just woke up and say the op's email. Then checked the forums as I always do and saw this.......not happy. I have dealt with many of you and have had all positive refs.

The racquet I shipped was actually better than the 9/10 condition stated. I purchased it from my local tennis shop as a "used once" racquet that looked brand new. I played with it twice and it felt just like the YOUTEK I played with a few years ago. I decided to stay with my roddicks and listed it.

I had absolutely no idea anything had been done to it. It had the original grip and was flawless besides two small scuffs on the cap guard at 12 o'clock. When I hit with it, it felt like a prestige.

Rick bargained me down from 120 to 100 bucks and I paid shipping and fees, so I netted 85 dollars. I figured he had a good deal.

I explained to Rick that I would work something out if he did not want the racquet as he has since cut the strings out and changed the grip. (Not sure on condition now either).

I apologized for the situation and explained I had no idea any "putty" was in the handle, nor did I check before shipping. I take his word that it is there as I see no reason for him to lie.

I just wanted to clear my name here because I think it was wrong for him to post this about me prior to me having the chance to respond. I have been a member for a while now and pride myself in my feedback as I love these boards and the people on them with my sickness.

I am hoping Rick will just remove the putty as many of you stated is easy to do, because the frame is in that good of shape, but I will work with him if he does not want To.

Thanks for hearing my side.


TT- neil1b

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