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Cannot comment on the sweetspot. It feels "normal" to me.
The feel is also good -- not hollow. Nice solid thump and no reverberations.
The problem is that it bends too much during heavy hitting, spraying the ball. Even with the tension set very high, as it was on mine, this spraying was obvious. This was the issue for me.

There were no depth problems with this racquet.

It was also lacking, when trying to overpower very spinny shots from my opponents. Lack of mass was perceptible, especially on the sides. But I do not hold it against this racquet, for (1) a great many racquets suffer from this, and (2) it is easily correctable by adding some lead at 3 and 9.

To hightlight what I mean, I'll compare it with Volkl Tour 8 Extended.
That is a much more stable racquet, more solid, overpowers the ball well, does not twist (maintains the angle), but feels harsher and I have depth problems with it (so I do not use it either). I am just mentioning it as a contrast point.

Dunlop Tour Pro Superlong is also solid. Does not twist, does not bend (but is a bit too low on power).
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