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There are lots of competitive matches without referees and no is supporting not calling foot faults where there is a referee.

Its you who are supporting cheating if you think you can call foot faults from 76 feet and not side on to the line.

So you need to stop cheating if you're doing that because its against the rules.

Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
They are as enforceable as you have the balls to stand up for the rules and yourself to enforce them on the cheater--ignorance of the rules or negligent behavior is NOT an excuse to cheat.

WHAT "national association" is that? If there is no official around, it's really not a very important match, it's social-rec tennis, only of any value and significance to the participants. If the f'f'er refuses to fix it or has a mental condition not allowing him to change, your remedies are to put up with it and write it off as exercise and practice. You can choose not to play with that person again and certainly don't have any business dealings with them--how you do one thing is how you do everything.

If it has become legal to foot-fault, we can call it the "Serena USO Rule Modification", and there are no consequences for it then I will employ the remedy below:
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