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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
like the Bio 300 tour, the F3.0 Tour feels best when strung below 55#'s. When I first got my F3.0 from TW, they had strung it way too tight for me, around 60 #'s even though I had requested 55/52. Anyway, it was like night and day especially with a poly.

The F3.0 Tour is very stable for it's weight and can handle hitting against hard hitting opponents. I have had no issue with the racquet twisting even on off center shots. It is a fast frame with a snappy string bed and great control. Shock dampening is better than the Bio 300 Tour. The F3.0 has good power but I still added lead from 11:00-1:00 to match my Bio 300 Tours and I like it even better. The Bio 300 Tour's string bed has more dwell time and you feel the flex of the frame more. I understand what Dunlop means when they say that the new version is more "modern" but for my game the more oval head shape and the more traditional feel of the Bio 300 Tour is preferable.

I like these frames with Kirshbaum Pro Line II and Pro Line X and also with Isospeed Professional Classic and Energetic - all 17 gauge.
Agreed on all accounts.
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