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Originally Posted by yourmailman View Post
Update ...

Didn't get the hybrid done today. I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was time to head out for mixed doubles.

Tonight was round 2 for my partner and her Pure Drive 107 @ 38.

According to her, it was "even better than last week". She also said she was excited about playing again. She had been a little discouraged with her net play. Tonight, she was popping them back for winners. She has also picked up a goodly amount of kick on her serve.

I started out with my syn-gut 30# and was planning on switching for the second set. It felt so comfortable, and it was a tight match, so I stayed with it the whole match. I just wasn't ready to go to the poly and not feel as confident.

Interesting. Can I ask what level you and your mixed partner play at? I'm curious because i can't imagine using syn gut in an oversized frame strung that low. I would think it would be a classic missile launcher.

I understand the poly. I haven't ventured into the 30's yet but it sounds interesting.

BTW I really like BHBR17. Very unique poly from what I can tell.
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