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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Allowing a receiver to call a foot fault is like enacting a rule that the player furthest from the line should make the call.

If anyone should call a foot fault its up to the honesty of the server to call it upon himself if he has reason to believe he over-stepped.
I played a guy 3 years ago who foot faulted horribly. His partner was a usta official and commented that he called them in matches when we watched other guys on his team foot fault. The guy served the first game and I was going wow I can't believe how this serve is coming in. Asked my partner did you see anything odd, and he said it felt like something was wrong. His next service game I noticed he was leaping and sliding, but he started his leap with both feet past the line. I mean both heals were inside of the court then he leaped into the air. Let it go that game but mentioned it to his partner and told him we would start calling it. Mentioned it again before his next service game. He did it again to my partner and I called him on it. He said i watched my feet and I am allowed to leave them. Said yes, but both feet were inside the court when you left the ground.

Other teammates from both teams were there and all agreed he was 2-3 feet inside the court on every single serve of match. But he honestly did not think he was or would not admit it. So I doubt calling it on yourself works.
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