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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
^^ if you like the RDiS 100 MP, i wonder how you're gonna like the RDiS 200. i had them both at the same time and really liked the 100 MP but the stiffness ultimately got to my shoulder. even though the 200 was softer and easier on my shoulder, it just never felt quite right. something just felt off.
I have never hit with the RDiS 200 before. Actually, all three Yonex models I own, I bought without playtesting. I really like the RDS 003 and RDiS 100 so I hope the 200 follows that pattern. They were so cheap, I figured it was worth the risk.

I don't quite have enough power with the 100 but the control and volleys are way better than the 003 so hopefully the 200 is right in between.

And to keep this post relevant in this thread. I think a full bed of Super Smash Orange in the 200 should play well since I keep reading how soft that racquet is. For my 100, I think I better stick with a hybrid.

I'll shoot you an email in a few months when I finally string up the 200 and let you know!
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