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Cool Watching?

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Generally, you clean your bike after every couple of rides, so you can work on it. So beach riding doesn't hurt the bike from rust at all. Chain and sprockets do need cleaning if you're not riding every day. Air cleaners are no problem, unless you dump it in the sand.
Nothing like feetup, full powered, 45 mph broadslides on low tide beaches.
I know they closed the SanBernadinoMountains to all dirt riding, so that's a huge takeaway.
I saw civilization taking over around 1982, so I gave up MX for windsurfing, which still provides most of the thrills without the penalty of the spills. I have countless windsurfing boards, sails, and rigs. Most years, I windsurf over 150 days, and I've been to Baja, Texas, Oregon, and Hawaii lotsa times.
AMA in SD this weekend Iam going to watch in person are you going to watch on tv?

I narrowed it down to 2 bikes. Service Honda 500AF 2013 with head porting, rad valve, Magura hydraulic clutch system, gearing 13x53 so I can use 4th and 5th gear, Revalve front and rear with new springs, pistons, valving and oil tailored to my weight, ability, and riding conditions.The Honda would cost 14k plus tax and 500 shipping!!

Service Honda Monster KX500AF with port, rad valve, Revalve front and rear with new springs, pistons, valving and oil tailored to your weight, ability, my riding conditions stock14x47 gearing. This bike is 15k plus tax and shipping. I could just buy a 2013 KX450F for 8500.00 and go to the dark side and not mix gas.

Every ridden at Glen Helen? I drove by and the track and it looked pretty cool. They have a MTA 2 stroke World Championships race on April 1st 2013. I was thinking of racing in the open Nov class.
305 for 15 REPS, 470 one rep max BENCH PRESS
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