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Originally Posted by suppawat View Post
That can be too powerful racquet. You can either lower stiffness or change string pattern to 18x20 to tame the power.

I have TC95 (310g, 63RA, 27in, 16x19, 320mm), and found it quite powerful. The "D" shaped beam is faster thru their than those box beam frames are, and this makes the frame very whippy. Sweet spot is huge for a 95 racquet face. Ball feels is clean, solid, and consistent. I'd compare it to Wilson Blade 98 with slightly more mute feel. Even though TC95 doesn't hit heavy ball like Donnay Pro One 16x19, but I can whip the ball with less effort and drive the ball to baseline consistently. The main string distribution is dense in the middle and more open towards both sides.

The TC95 18x20 (same balance and weight) is a completely different frame. It has very low power, but still hit the ball very clean and solid. Will try to change weight and balance for more power.
Think so? I think I've settled on the 11.4 Oz. frame, the 11.7 + Extended length would be a load to swing. I'm looking for a crisper response than my C10.

Any opinion on the 63 flex?
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