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i don't know if this will help but i play with the non-lite version (have not touched the lite) and there are a few things you should know about this line of donnay frames. first, these are not powerful racquets and you'll need to either, generate your own power, have a powerful sting setup, and or both (which i do). with that said, these are extremely arm friendly, have a ton of feel, but the main property is control. all these sticks are like scalpels on the court, and virtually put the ball anywhere you can imagine. also the non-light is the most powerful of the line, but it doesn't even come close to, lets say, an aero pro drive or any of the other firmer more powerful frames. either way, you should demo this before making any decisions, but if you're looking for an arm friendly frame that moves through air effortlessly, with control then you should definitely consider it. the only downside i can see is perhaps the light weight may not produce enough plow through, especially on hard serves and volleys,however, that really depends on how the weight is distributed.

forgot to mention that if you needed to add weight you can buy the kit that can add weight to the butt cap and sections of the head.
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