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Default Racket Suggestions - More Power, Arm Friendly

Hey Folks, looking for feedback in case anyone can suggest a frame for me to try that fits what I would like to find. I'm a 4.5 male player with more of the old school type game, eastern forehand, one hand backhand, lots of slices, just the basic game from those of us that came up in the days of regular size rackets. I've played the past couple of years with Becker London frames, which are 98 inch thin beam rackets. Got lots of mileage on the wrist and elbow, so the stiff Pure Drive type frames don't work. Recently gave a few larger more powerful frames some play. Have been using the Volkl Organix V1 midplus a few weeks, and have hit a couple of other similar frames. I like the extra power, but the arm is just not responding well to the extra stiffness. Even these type frames that are called arm friendly don't work for me. Also don't like the really light frames. Played around with adding weight, but never really worked it out. Went back to the London last night with a sore arm. Arm felt better, but there is a big power drop. So, does anyone have any suggestions for a frame that is in the 100 - 102 head size, that is a thinner beam frame, and is not very stiff, but that still offers more pop than what I've got with the London, has good feel, is not really light, and is easy on the arm? Most of what comes up when you run a search for that type of frame is really light weight. Also lots of Pro Kennex frames come up. Tried a couple of them a few years ago and did not like them. For whatever reason I just did not get much spin with them, and my strokes really sailed. Actually would like something like the London, in about a 102 size. Anything like that out there?
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