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Originally Posted by julian View Post
IMO,it would be good to bring Ash back into this thread.
I have failed in this regard
I am back!

Originally Posted by julian View Post
there are 2 issues left:
1.what is amount of side spin for 1hbh vs 2hbh? it possible for incorporate elements of ATP forehand
into 2bh?
If yes what are possible implications?
If have tried to "touch" item #2 somewhere above
Side spin - not sure! Maybe JY has studied? My hunch would be single has greater, but the dominance of the hands in the 2 hander may effect this (top hand dominance may increase the amount of side spin???)

2. Elements yes, but I like a greater amount of extension from the top hand on my ideal 2 hander, so that probably doesn't map across exactly like the typical double bend ATP forehand. However, GRF, hip rotation, drive position etc can all be practiced as a lefty forehand and incorporated into a righties 2 hander without question.

I think the women's 2 handers are generally more like the forehand as they tend to maintain the double bend structure in both arms for the duration of the shot so for a right hander it is like a lefty forehand.
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