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Originally Posted by greystar403 View Post
When switching or learning a 1h as a newbie, how old do you think is the appropriate time to switch for juniors without there being any health hazards?
It's appropriate to switch whenever the coach feels it is appropriate. Sorry, that's a bit glib I know, but there will be a time when it naturally feels correct. For example, a player I worked with up until very recently has always hit a two hander, but has always been bottom hand dominant and we had trouble helping him feel the release of his top hand (something Soderling had to spend a lot of time learning very recently funnily enough!) I always felt that he would be a single hander and had I continued to work with him I think we would have probably changed (we always did work on his left side hitting with dominant and non-dom hands to develop his 2 hander, so it wouldn't be a massive adjustment). He was just transitioning from green to yellow ball (over here u10s play green) and I think that's probably the wrong time to make the change as being 10 and having to play u12's can be a big physical difference. Had he played single through red, orange and green it would be different.

As it is, he is with his new coach and still doing very, very well with a 2 hander so it is a moot point really. But one I will probably always wonder about
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