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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
If your child wants to play college tennis, then you have to get use to the days away from school.

College tennis is year round, in the fall they practice 6 days a week (2-3 hrs.), play several tournaments, in which they have to miss several days of school every tournament they play.

During the season, they have 2-3 matches per week, away matches they may travel out of state, missing several days of school.

Conclusion, high school is a great time to learn how to your budget time, because college is where things really matter.

The OP was making the point -

Originally Posted by hhollines View Post
My daughter (12 yrs. old) will likely have to miss segments on the next go round b/c we have rule that over the course of an entire school year, 9 missed days in the maximum


At my son's school, you are only allowed to miss ten days for the year.

Yes, college tennis mandates days away from schools,
but some high schools will not allow this to occur if you wish to attend their high school.

I think the poster is alluding to that.

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