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Quote: "What is your secret to be semiretired at 37? Good investments, Powerball winner or you married a rich girl?"

Basically, good investments in real estate.
More specifically: Flipping my primary residence for tax-free capital gains every 2 years. 80+% is buying right. That is why I say semi-retired is that we still change homes every 2ish years for the tax-free profits. I bought my 1st home at age 20 after graduating college with a 20/80 where the seller held the 20% with a 3 year balloon; and with the profits on each home I paid off student loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc. After paying everything off and getting to zero debt, interest is on your side. It is a lot cheaper to live without car payments, mortgage payments, etc; plus now you are receiving interest on the money you are building up. Right now, I'm looking to buy as my 2 years is up at my current primary residence in March 2013.

I strung the 17ga Ashaway Kevlar mains at 50lbs / 16 ga OGSM crosses at 56lbs today on my friend's Klippermate. I took awhile because we were talking a lot, and I was getting the hang of a dropweight stringer. Honestly, it was really easy to string on; no issues at all. The Kevlar was not as difficult to string as I thought it would be, but you could really tell the massive difference of stretching in the two strings to get the dropweight back to parallel.

I am taking today off from playing, so I will try out the racquet tomorrow.

Quote: "kevlar and a durable syngut cross (soft poly) + string savers is your answer. This lasts me forever."

Are strings savers even necessary with 17ga Kevlar and 16ga OGSM???
RACQUETS: Vantage 95 (Strung: 11.5 oz, 5HL, 67ra, 16x19, 26.5")
CURRENT STRING: Genesis BM 16 @ 56lbs Mains / OGSM (natural) 17 @ 60lbs Crosses

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