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Default Maybe Mixed Isn't So Bad . . .

I think maybe I am finally getting the hang of playing 8.0 mixed.

A few years ago, I almost ditched 8.0 mixed completely. I couldn't return serve. Male returners fired my serve back at me so I could never hold. My attempts to do anything at net were quickly foiled, and coming to the net against the guy was a non-started. The guys sliced me to bits. Lobbing for two hours wasn't going to cut it.

Well . . . Things are looking up. I've played some social mixed lately, which has helped me get used to the pace and build some confidence. I have a new 4.0 partner who is supportive and a good net player. My groundstrokes are better so I don't get blasted off the court. If I force a defensive reply with my serve or get a couple of quality balls deep crosscourt, my partner will take advantage. I can slice a little my own self, which definitely helps.

My net play is still pretty poor, but it seems I have a lot of company there in the 4.0 female mixed sisterhood. Gotta keep working on that bit.

Mixed. Maybe someday I will actually prefer it?
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