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Doesn't HAVE to suck.
When I was a rising 3.5-4.5, I played some mixed with my normal partner (No2 for CityCollege of SanFrancisco, and one 7.0 woman and her sister, a 5.5.
Matches were really fun, new problems to be solved, and egos to be manipulated. I did the worse, of course. And no clear cut winner with the teams rotated every set.
More lately, our 4.0 men's twosome can rotate thru with a former No1 NorCal 5.5 woman, and another female, a former No.4 UCBerk woman's varsity player. The sets are fun, ego's crushed, and lots of problem solving. Once again, I come out on the bottom. But it's still fun.
Certainly better than rotating IN, two other 3.5 level guys.
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