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"Yes, college tennis mandates days away from schools,
but some high schools will not allow this to occur if you wish to attend their high school. I think the poster is alluding to that."

Thanks Tennis 5 as that was my point. I'm a former Div. I athlete (dad played pro) so I very much understand what it takes (I lived it) but that's not my point. Sports absolutely helps an individual learn to balance and prioritize but that's not my point either and, of course, that's assuming you can afford this crazy sport.

My point is even with all comments made, they/we could do a better job as a tennis community and society. For you SoCal and FL folks, you don't have to travel nearly as much for sectionals and regionals.

To the poster that said 12s don't matter, that's not true and you know it especially for folks in weak sections. It's not the ranking that matters necessarily at that age (although that can be debated based on raw data so let's be honest here) but the opportunity to play against the best . . . the best in a weak section doesn't cut it against the best in a stronger section so the weak section folks must travel more . . . just a reality. It's about exposure and the experience that benefits you later (and many of you know that).

Here's my point. For any 64 draw, you could start on Friday and finish Sunday (for ALL tournaments). Also, don't forget, if you are trying to save money, you don't get the best flight times . . . again, just reality. For 32 draw, you can do the same. In my section, we'll play sectionals in Jan. requiring 2-3 days of missed school, then 3 days later, regionals which will require at least 1 day (in some cases 2), so in a 10 day period, that's 3-4 days . . . do that 4x/5x times and that's serious days missed.

I was a honors student with All-American honors coming out of high school so I get it but I was asking a deeper question. It's not enough to just say "make a choice." The scheduling could be changed to allow kids both opportunities to excel in academics and athletics. It doesn't have to be an "or" proposition.

While in vain, I'll continue to fight. I wrote my senior thesis in college on the "fallacy of the student-athlete." Long story short, in college athletics, they COULD play everything on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays if SCHOOL really mattered but we love the benefit of Big Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday games on ESPN . . . all driven by money. Of course, we can sit down and just say "it is what it is" but I'll fight to change it . . . because it's not right.

The USTA could issue a mandate that during the school year, ALL tournaments must be structured such that only 1 day of school is missed. And this isn't the only option as there a lot of ways to structure the junior tennis schedule if the premise and goal is EDUCATION is #1 . . .

As for the poster than mentioned the academy and home school route, please, let's be honest . . . that a financial issue and you know it. Again, I'm not attacking but let's be honest . . . there's so much you can do . . .

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