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Originally Posted by Roddick85 View Post
Head YouTek MP (18/20) to Wilson BLX 90. Best switch I ever made, I hesitated for so long because I thought the smaller frame would be detrimental to my game, boy was I wrong. I never hit better shots than now and my 1 handed backhand feels a lot better. I also like the extra weight. Always thought my YouTek MP was too light and didn't provide much feel. I had a Wilson frame when I first started playing tennis, switched to Head for the last 7 years and now back to Wilson and I think I'll stay with this frame for many years.
Strangly enough I just switched from a Head MG MP to a Wilson ProStaff 6.1 Team...and what a profound change, power was never a problem for me, but the control this stick offers me is sick. Power when I want it, my serve seems to be harder than ever, and touch. Why didn't I switch two years ago!?
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