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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
It's going on 4 years since Head/Penn closed down their ball manufacturing plant in Arizona in early 2009. Are those old Pro Penn balls still any good? I would also be interested in hearing any info on Prince Tour balls. It appears that the only Prince balls that have been available for a while now are their training balls.

Still good -- amazingly, not one bad tube. I stocked up and carefully stored them as soon as they closed up shop here, now I am down to the last two tubes.

I've seen the Prince Tour Extra Duty available through distributors other than TW. Prices are similar to Penn Marathon, which I guess I will have to try sooner or later. I played the Yonex Tours in Japan and really like them -- they do not appear to be distributed in the USA and shipping from the UK or Japan is prohibitively expensive.
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