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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
I'm well aware of Borg's phenomenal RG-W achievements, and I have watched some of the highlights. I don't think he "completely changed his style" - yes he improved his serve a bit and occasionally came to the net. But he didn't suddenly go from being Vilas at RG to being Edberg at W.

Certainly many players of his era had more skill, most notably McEnroe.
LOL a comical post. Trying watching full matches of Borg at RG and Wimbledon (which are readily available on the internet through numerous outlets) and not just brief highlights.

Borg went from regular, long gruelling rallies at Roland Garros, where he could outlast anyone including a physical specimen and fitness freak like Vilas, to serve-volleying on 100% of his first serves in many of his matches at Wimbledon. He even occasionally came to the net on 2nd serves to mix things up. In fact there were some matches like his 1973 QF against Roger Taylor when he consistently came to the net on both 1st and 2nd serves. His serve improved more than 'a bit'. It became a fearsome weapon that he worked hard to develop. He was more than capable of serving opponents off the court on faster surfaces, like he did to guys like Tanner and Nastase. Plus he developed his slice to keep his shots lower on grass and also noticeable shortened his backswing on his return of serve. There was a huge transformation between Borg at RG and Borg at Wimbledon.

And a huge LOL at your comment that many players of his era had more skill than him. Apart from McEnroe, I'd like to see the names of these so-called players.
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