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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Doesn't HAVE to suck.
When I was a rising 3.5-4.5, I played some mixed with my normal partner (No2 for CityCollege of SanFrancisco, and one 7.0 woman and her sister, a 5.5.
Matches were really fun, new problems to be solved, and egos to be manipulated. I did the worse, of course. And no clear cut winner with the teams rotated every set.
More lately, our 4.0 men's twosome can rotate thru with a former No1 NorCal 5.5 woman, and another female, a former No.4 UCBerk woman's varsity player. The sets are fun, ego's crushed, and lots of problem solving. Once again, I come out on the bottom. But it's still fun.
Certainly better than rotating IN, two other 3.5 level guys.
let me guess, you used to hang with Peanut Louie and her sister in between sessions of surfing with Russ Francis ? Love you Lee ! I'm for sure going to look you up when I'm in SF so I can hear more stories from back in the day !
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