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Watched Russ go surfing at Kelly's with RayWershing. Russ cannot surf, but can wallow in typical Florida surf. Ray was pretty good, a good SoCal surfer. Neither came close to handling Kelly's or anything at OceanBeach. I'm one of the crew from the late '60s thru the early '80's, one of the big wave riders.
Good guess. I went to dinner with Pea at least 4 semi dates, Marissa was the hardhitting 5.5, DexterLee of CCSF the other guy.
Marcie didn't date. Marna was kinda mixed up. Mareen was cool, and Mom made me promise to act a gentleman. Dad was a martia arts instructor, at the very end of his career. Marissa was the most messed up person I ever met.
Ronnie was the coolest, but almost gay cool. He was a solid low level A player, though rankings have him at higher level B's.
I actually hit for close to half an hour with CeciMartinez. She lived at 32nd and Clement/California, right next to Dupont courts. We have hit a few times since.
If you're an old timer, check this... I taught Jeff and Jerry Jue to swim at BerkeleyHigh in 1964.
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