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Default Racket tilted at the contact

Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
I am back!

Side spin - not sure! Maybe JY has studied? My hunch would be single has greater, but the dominance of the hands in the 2 hander may effect this (top hand dominance may increase the amount of side spin???)

2. Elements yes, but I like a greater amount of extension from the top hand on my ideal 2 hander, so that probably doesn't map across exactly like the typical double bend ATP forehand. However, GRF, hip rotation, drive position etc can all be practiced as a lefty forehand and incorporated into a righties 2 hander without question.

I think the women's 2 handers are generally more like the forehand as they tend to maintain the double bend structure in both arms for the duration of the shot so for a right hander it is like a lefty forehand.

per #2 above for your ideal 2 hander

Is a face of a racket tilted/closed slightly at a contact?
If yes how much (ballpark)?

See for example blog #7 Page 13 of
(the picture is drawn for a orehand but the question remains valid)

The title of the blog is
"A Roadmap to a Hall-of-Fame Forehand - Part 7: FHT-3 - The Past Lives On (But Only Barely) "

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