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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
I know about Puerta's case, I don't see what you think the ATP did so wrong there.

About the ATP covering up players, it seems the only base for that claim is Agassi's case, and I find that a rather weak base.

What exactly makes you think anyway that the ATP isn't serious about catching dopers? (fair enough if you don't feel like spending the time to talk at length about this btw).

People bring up cases of players who've been caught as proof there's doping in tennis, and then they'll say the ATP covers players up... seems contradictory to me.

I don't think it's weak at all. It proves that they will cover up for players if necessary. What makes you think they won't do it again, or haven't done it again since then? I believe they most likely have covered up for other players after Andre. The fact that they did it once is enough to prove their dishonesty.

Their budget, the lack of blood testing, the fact that they didn't start testing for EPO until only a few years ago, the lack of OOC testing, the lack of IC testing, the lack of testing winners after matches, the lack of boosting testing for players who have a sudden increase in performance, the fact that players can miss 3 OOC tests in a year's time before anything is done about it, etc... I could go on all day about this. If they really want to catch these people they have got to make changes and get more stringent testing policies.

They have also got to spend a whole lot more money than they do now, which is only a little over a million a year last I heard. Compare that to the testing in Cycling where they spent nearly 5 million on anti-doping last year.

Also, just last year the ITF only conducted 21 OOC blood tests. Only 21 for all those players. That is not even close to being good enough to catch anyone. It's far too easy to get away with doping yourself as much as you like with pathetic testing like that. They only conducted 2,150 tests altogether on a total of 642 players, which the majority of were urine tests. 510 of them weren't tested OOC at all last year. Do you really think that's good enough to catch anyone? Each player had less than 4 tests all of last year. Not good enough by a landslide.

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