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Default Brand new Pro Kennex Q15 (300g) - first impressions

I just playtested the brand new Pro Kennex Q15 (300 gr). This is a very nice stick!

When I first noticed the racquet on TW, the specs immediately caught my attention. The large 105 sq. inch head size and the open 16/19 string pattern promised a very generous sweetspot and an easy access to spin. The wide 25 mm beam and the stiffness of the frame (RA 72) were likely to provide plenty of power and also precision. Given the remarkable reputation of Pro Kennex for making arm-friendly sticks, I expected the stiffness not be such an issue like on other modern rackets with comparable specs. Moreover, the 10.6 oz / 300 g stock weight (unstrung ) and the 9 pts. headlight balance (unstrung) seemed like a healty combination of plow through and maneuverability, leaving enough space for lead tape customization. I also liked that the Pro Kennex Q15 has a 27.5 inch extended length, as the added leverage usually further expands a racquet’s power and spin potential.

I finally decided to take this new frame out for a demo. My first impressions after a 3 hours playtest:

The racquet delivers considerable amounts of power and spin from all areas of the court. No matter if I hit groundstrokes, serves or volleys, the Pro Kennex Q15 300 offered some very nice pop and heavy spin. It felt amazingly forgiving, big sweet spot, even solid on off-center hits. Despite the extended length, maneuverability was not an issue. I felt very connected to the stick, and I liked the crisp response. Stiffness wasn’t a problem, the racquet felt more flexible than the high 72 RA rating may suggest.

My opponent said I was hitting solid penetrating shots with the Pro Kennex with spin that was causing him some serious trouble. Now I am considering putting some lead tape on the racquet to see how it‘s performing with an increased swingweight. However, in stock form the racquet already delivers some heft you can work with.

Overall I had a very good first hitting session with the Pro Kennex Q15 300. Power, spin, control, accuracy, forgiveness, arm-friendlyness on a tweener’s stick, seems as though the guys from Pro Kennex have found a very fine balance.

After this first demo I would recommend everyone looking for a new tweener racquet to consider playtesting this frame, even if this brand is tipically not on your list. Just make sure you get the 300 gram version, not the lighter 280 gram model. The racquet may appeal to those playing/considering a Babolat PD /APD, Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0., Wilson Juice/Steam, Yonex Ezone XI, etc. or any similar “modern” racquet. It has all the common characteristics of those frames, however with a nice feel and probably less TE issues than other stiff frames.

On a side note, I very much liked the cosmetics of the Pro Kennex Q15. The black colour matches very well with the blue and silver. That’s actually the “cool” colour scheme I was hoping for on other frames. I don’t know why all these white/yellow/orange/red paint jobs have became so popular among racquet designers in recent years. But hey, that’s only my personal opinion.

Here is a link to the frame:
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