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borg did not care for the australian open, and could not get the job done at the us open

you can make a case for him being the best natural court player of all time

but he certainly can't be considered above sampras in any way shape or form

sampras also dominated two surfaces, won more year end titles, won more grand slams, more weeks at no 1 etc. any stat you pick, sampras is ahead of borg

to me, borg is also still ahead of nadal, overall. nadal has destroyed all records on clay, but borg's number of titles across all surfaces, and (especially) year end titles swing it in his favour

you can argue that players did not play to reach X number of grand slams in borg's time, but nonetheless, borg left his mark

he's in the top 5 players of the open era, that's a good enough legacy i think
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