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Default Acceleration

Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
nice study but mostly easily predictable findings I think. one question. "delayed the horizontal acceleration of the racquet towards the ball" could you explain?
I do NOT have the full text of the paper.
The interpretation below is based PARTIALLY on a book by Knudson.

There are two points here-
one trivial and one more complex/implicit

The first one:
The peak of the horizontal acceleration of the racquet towards the ball is observed to be for the double hander 0.08 s prior to impact.

The second one
ssc for forearm/hand/shoulder is PROBABLY between 20-40 miliseconds before the contact or at LEAST it would be optimal to have it this way.

It would be the "best" to have all three (the peak of horizontal acceleration,contact point and ssc) as closed as possible to each other timewise.
In the case of onehander they will be a bit more APART because the peak of acceleration is EARLIER
so the peak of acceleration for double hander is "delayed" in this sense

PS #1
The important part is that a racket does NOT accelerate through the contact.
It was a bone of contention with Oscar in one of famous/deleted/to remain unnamed threads (in
the case of forehand,to be specific).

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