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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
I absolutely love playing mixed ... all levels. My only pet peeve is when I hit a good serve that elicits a weak return and instead of putting away the ball my partner taps the ball back to the guy at the baseline.

If you are playing mixed with me ... I dont care if you make an error 3 out of 10 put away volleys ... the other 7 better put them on the defensive.
Please, take pity on me, kind sir.

I'm *trying* to put that volley away. But the opposing guy is really fast so he gets to my shot that would have been a winner in ladies play.

Besides . . . besides . . . you guys don't make it easy on us damsels. Half the time you are unhappy that we didn't put a ball away, and the other half of the time you are telling us to lay off balls because you're there. It makes a damsel hesitate and freeze and second-guess herself.

And tap the sitter back to the other guy at the baseline.
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