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Originally Posted by vernonbc View Post
Well, considering how you can look at Rafa and see a completely different reality than most normal people see, it's not surprising you have these fantastical notions about an imaginary doping pandemic. You have proven over and over again that you really don't know what's involved in being a professional athlete, which isn't surprising because I'm sure the sum of your experience is watching sports on tv. There is no doubt that there are occasional problems with athletes doping but the vast majority of them are good and honourable people and are dedicated to their sport and to being the best that they can be. I have seen the inside of the professional sports world for many years and have personal experience to base my opinions on. You haven't.

Please refer to my post responding to Crisstti to see how utterly wrong you are about the drug testing in tennis. Those are actual facts and stats provided by WADA and the ITF that contradicts everything you say. Even they believe the testing in tennis needs to be more stringent. Are they wrong as well?

And sorry, Sir, but you have not seen the inside of pro sports at the level that a lot of these multi-millionaire athletes are on. Thank goodness I don't have my head stuck in the sand the way you do.

You also sound just like baseball fans with your denial about doping in tennis who, much like you, tripped over themselves to defend their favorite sport/players when they were accused of using steroids and peds. Well, how did that turn out for them?

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