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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Well no, I'm not new to tennis actually since I've been following it for more than 30 years!

Yes, I meant to say that no-one other than Djokovic had beaten him in a Basel final but then I discovered he lost a final to Henman in 2001 (albeit that was pre-prime Federer who also lost to Henman at Wimbledon that year). My mistake!

But hey, thanks for kindly pointing this out and setting me straight...not!

Be sure I'll remember to return the favour as soon as I can!
It's just weird you're spreading information and arguments that are totally untrue. if anything, I'd expect you to know at least what you are talking about more or less. even in your correction you overlooked that federer lost 2000 in the final of basel against thomas enqvist (his second final overall, the first one he lost to rosset).

my point is - to me, what you're saying sounds very vague and it makes me less believing in anything you write here.

you don't need to return anything, I'm fine. I'm neither hostile to you. I just don't like people writing down "facts" in forums without thinking or checking it while using them as arguments.
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