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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Wilander always said that he tried to emulate Connors' game, not Borg's. I can't see that on the FH, they seem to have nothing in common on that side. Not sure what Mats would have meant specifically. On the BH there's more commonality. With both men, their DTL backhand was arguably their strongest shot.

But regardless of Wilander's style, I think that if he did base his game on Connors', then he must have studied it for years. And he would have ended up, at least, understanding Jimmy's game very well. Perhaps enough to give him an extra edge when they met.
True. Mats said this many times; he was a big fan of Jimmy's. I think you can see some commonalities....a lot of persistence, controlled aggression, fine court coverage. And, both had very good backhands. They were both very versatile and could adapt to their conditions. Tho' I'd say Connors was less fast to adapt and got better on this w/age, perhaps to shore up his game as he got older. But Copnnors was a real lion...he had that fire in the gut that I never quite saw from Wilander...maybe only in that USO win over Lendl.
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