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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
That means it could improve, like most if not all things, but not that they don't want to catch dopers.
I agree about some things here with you, especially there should be more blood testing, not the least because it seems considerable less intrusive for players as well.

Isn't it two OOC tests that they can miss?. Considering the consequences if they miss more (this without testing positive), it seems reasonable to me.

I'm thinking those tests aren't evenly distributed, so top players must get tested more often than 4 times a year.

I think it's good enough to catch some, and that should be already a good deterrent. It's the randomness more than the frequency that should make this work.

Two things: are you sure they don't test winners, not even after the final?. And what is IC testing?, cannot seem to find anything about it.

Well, if they really want to catch dopers they have a very funny way of showing it since their anti-doping system has been lacking badly for years, and is extremely underfunded.

Last I heard it's 3 they could miss,and even if they changed it to 2 that is far from reasonable considering the lack of OOC testing as it is. For example, Serena Williams went 2 whole years without being tested OOC. Two years is ridiculous, and if she's allowed to miss an entire year's worth of OOC testing if she so chooses, she would go 3 straight years without being tested OOC. That is scary, and does not cut it at all. It also makes me wonder how many other players are going that long without being tested at all considering how little OOC they conduct.

But it's not good enough to catch anyone because they're not testing the way they should be if they really wanted to catch them. Last I heard they still don't test for HGH, and even if they did they would do it so rarely it wouldn't matter anyway. The system is so beatable as-is that it is hardly a deterrent. Player's know they won't be tested so why not go ahead and dope till their heart's content? They won't be caught anyway.

They do need more random testing, but as I already said, they do not test nearly enough OOC so how can it be random? Mix that in with the fact they can miss so many OOC tests and there is no randomness to the testing at all.

Positive. They only test the losers, and not the winners.

IC just means in competition.

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