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I apologize if I offended anyone with the responses I made before. I too detest when a player takes it easy against me; it normally motivates me to try my hardest and hopefully shove it in their face. My game is still very far from where I want it to be and I appreciate the responses I've received on tips to improve my game.

The battery on my camera ran out before I was able to record the next match but I was able to capture roughly two mins of our rally session. A couple things I was able to pick from this video was that I still was not split stepping. This move is still very new to me and I will try and make it a habit. I drag my feet alot, which would be the reason why I wear my shoes out so fast. I also feel like I'm arming my forehand a little bit to much. I need to have an earlier prep (a full backswing by the time the return ball lands?).
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