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Yes, 78, but the reality is that you're changing the topic because you're blustering away about your perfect eyesight and twaddle like that.

You are deluding yourself if you think that from that distance and that angle you can officiate foot faults end you're cheating because the rules don't allow you to officiate them.

You have eyes only for seeing what you think will win you a match, end of story.

Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
Bartelby, you are again proving what a fool you are by accusing ME of "cheating" because I have eyes. I see what your problem is with F'F'ing now, you are under the illusion that a tennis court is "76 feet" long--wrong!--it is 78 feet long--I hope your accuracy is better in your "competitive" matches then your writing skills, you are not making your namesake proud. I'm supplying you with the link below for the proper dimensions of a tennis court:

Maybe your dilemma is caused by all the red stars you are seeing from being bumped on the head--thankfully it's just a fuzzy little ball.
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